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On this site, we not only wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know Dr. Scoma and find out about his practice, but we also wanted to give you some general information about symptoms and illnesses. Too often patients do not know enough about the symptoms they are exhibiting and wait to see a professional until their illness has progressed to a more serious level.

This practice is devoted to the care of individuals who have metabolic diseases including diabetes and thyroid problems, as well as pituitary, adrenal, gonadal and calcium problems.

We think it is very important for a patient to be educated about their health so they can better care for themselves and live longer happier lives. We hope that the information given here can help you to recognize if there is a problem or to provide you with a better understanding of any dysfunctions that you or your loved ones have.

We have included links to various web sites to assist you in broadening your knowledge about diabetes, thyroid dysfunctions and other endocrine problems. Some of these sites also provide communities for you to meet others that share your concerns about yourself or family members. We have also provided links to the insurance carriers we accept, giving you the opportunity to verify eligibility, lab locations you can use and any pre-authorization information you may need.

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